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Children Clothes from Monnalisa, Hogan, John Galliano & more

Baby girls clothes

Baby girls will enjoy wearing this lovely dress Aletta. The piece comes in white color with ruffles at the bottom. The trims are beautifully embroidered with floral print of bright red color. The dress comes with a pair of knickers with all over tulip flower print. Your baby girl will have a remarkable look with such a set and a nice summer hat.

Burberry knows how to match the look of a baby girl. This lovely hat of white color with a classic check pattern inside will suit to any summer outfit. It has trims and it can be tied under the chin. This will make the hat unmovable and create a nice fitting on head.

Floral theme is in trend now; just look at the last collection of Fun & Fun. How delicate will look this cute tulip blouse on your baby girl. It is made mainly from 100% soft cotton. A nice ribbon bow on the left shoulder makes you to pay attention to it. A small button is placed at the back. It serves for fastening.

When it is hot outside, there is nothing more comfortable then a bodyvest for a baby. It has no sleeves and special poppers between legs are useful for easy dressing of a child. The logo of Dolce & Gabbana brand is placed at the front. The print is decorated with red flowers.

If visiting any festivity, choose this set by Paesaggino; it consists of a white top and shorts. The upper has a unique design with ruffles around the neck and golden diamante gems decorate the front of the shirt. The shorts have special prints, made from golden thread and ivory jacquard. It perfectly suits to celebrating a holiday.

Flowers are everywhere when summer is here, even on clothing. This amazing dress by Monnalisa Chic has daisy flowers on the chest. The skirt has a cotton lining and a tulle upper, which adds some volume. This kind of dress is an original outwear, which can be hardly be found at any other place.

Baby girls should to get used to wearing shoes. Monnalisa Bebe represents nice pre-walkers in a unique design, created for those young girls, who adore eating cherries. So if your girl does, she will for sure adore these shoes with open toes. A cure ribbon bow of red color is placed on the front.

This funny swimming suit by Little Marc Jacobs attracts that view of many baby girls. The white color of it will create a fresh feeling when it is hot. And the image of Miss Marc in a Hawaiian costume looks very nice and original. Ruffles can be seen at the bottom.

White T-shirt is a must-have of a wardrobe of every baby girl. Paesaggino agrees with it. To make a traditional top more effective, the designer adds a cute print of pale pink color with Greek emblem. Diamante gems and crystals can be also seen on the T-shirt. Two poppers are placed on the left shoulder.

Baby boys clothes

Little Marc Jacobs amazes both parents and baby boys with a variety of cool T-shirts. This one is of orange color, but it has a funny print of a bird with a skate; it plans to catch a wave in the sea. Let your kid to enjoy the summer with a top like this.

Though summer is usually warm, but babies may feel cool sometimes. If wearing this sweater by Armani Junior be sure that your baby boy will be provided with warmth. The clothing has also a hood with blue colored stripe inside. The name of the brand can be easily guessed thanks the logo on the front of the jersey.

Paul Smith Junior is the best brand of creating stylish babygrows of different styles and colors. A special baby boy piece has funny print of animals of all colors. A bright orange trim decorates the line of poppers at the front. There is a small pocket at one side on the chest too. it is a nice décor detail.

Buying sets of a top with shorts is very comfortable, as they look very great together. Young Versace has a huge collection of such items. T-shirt like this has a smart collar and a nice emblem of the brand on the chest. The bottoms come in pale blue color – the boys’ most favorite one; and white colored turn-ups.

John Galliano offers a nice solution how to make the baby boy look both remarkable and protect him from sun heat when spending time at the beach. With this cap of bright blue color, each baby will attract the view. The accessory is designed in the way of a duck: the orange visor symbolizes its mouth and eyes are printed on the front.

A white shirt with long sleeves can serve both as casual clothing, which can be worn with jeans; and more formal outfit, which will fit to dark cotton trousers. This one has pale blue prints of numbers of Hackett London on chest and arms. The shirt can be fastened by buttons at the front.

Make your baby boy look stylish with a classic T-shirt of gray color by Little Marc Jacobs. The designers worked on a cool print of Me Marc, who is skiing on water. The character represents the brand; it comes in bright colors and is already adored by many children. Convenient poppers are placed on one shoulder for easy putting on.

Rains may occur during summer too; and your child must be protected from getting wet. Kenzo has a solution for this. A nice waterproof coat made from high quality fabric, which has a nice and soft cotton feeling. The colors of gray and dark blue suit boys of different age.

Nice cotton shorts by Fendi seem to be a hit during this summer season. They look very simple, but a cool print of monsters all over makes the item even more stunning. They have an adjustable waist and a bright yellow tie to make an appropriate fitting of the shorts.

Girls clothes

How about this nice knitted cardigan to make your girl feel warm during cool evenings? The zigzag pattern is very popular this season. Besides, the bright colors of pink, orange and blue will fit to any trousers. The cloth can be worn on a short sleeved T-shirt or a summer dress. It has two pink bows on both sides instead of pockets.

It is very important to look stylish and remarkable in this season. When visiting parties or holiday celebration, a dress by Alviero Martini will attract the view of guests. It comes in A-shape design without sleeves; the top is embroidered with pleats that add luxury to the item. The skirt is of a vintage map look – what uniqueness!

This summer season won’t be perfect without a nice and light dress. Take into consideration this one by Pale Cloud. It is made from high quality chiffon, so in hot days a girl will feel herself very comfortable. Its front comes in pale pink color and the back is bright orange. A fine ribbon bow can be ties on the waist.

La Perla is one of the brands, which offers the most original swimming suits for young girls. Of course, each young lady wants to be beautiful and feminine while spending holidays at the seaside. With this bikini the task will be complete. Cute ruffles cover the whole suit. Besides, the floral print is used due to the last trends.

Summer is a great season because the opportunity of wearing bright and unique bags. A straw bag always remains us about warm days, doesn’t it? Billieblush represents this model of a straw bag with a bird print at the front. An adjustable strap is of bright orange color and can be easily attached. There are also two handles for carrying the accessory.

A floral print is considered to be one of the most popular this year. Many of brands use it in their collections. Caramel Baby & Child is not an exception. Look at this nice peach colored skirt. Nice small flowers can be seen all over the piece. It has a gathered shape with a tie at the waist. It will look lovely with a white blouse.

Cakewalk offers to young girls a nice white colored T-shirt, which will create a traditional casual look. The piece is of long length with a print of seahorse on the front of it. It has short sleeves and a round neck. A pair of denim trousers will match the whole daily look for sure.

Pay attention to quality of footwear, when choosing it for your girl; especially in summer. Fendi is known to produce only high quality shoes that will serve for long. Leather is the best fabric for wearing. These girlish slip-on shoes are of “FF” logo prints with pink toes. The front is decorated with lovely bows of pink color.

Every simple T-shirt can be somehow be embroidered and then look differently. Like this one by Chloe. It is an ordinary white colored top, but these frilled cuffs and a self tie at one side make the item look very original. A lovely print of a pineapple can be seen on the front of the T-shirt.

boys clothes

Is your boy patriot? If so, this original T-shirt by DKNY will be adored by him. It comes in a bright coral color with an unusual print of Liberty Statue. The biggest advantage of the piece is the fact that it is made from high quality and stretchy fabric. It won’t squeeze the body when it is hot.

The main feature of Little Eleven Paris is using famous cartoon characters on their clothing. This sweater has a Duffy Duck print on its front. Besides, the item has a hood and two side pockets. The top can be worn, when the weather is getting worse. It will look very stylish with a pair of dark trousers.

Are you looking for practical footwear for your kid for hiking? Hogan Shoes will help you. The brand has a new collection of trainers with a rubber sole, which will prevent any slipping. This pair comes in red and yellow colors, finely combined with a white background. Lace fastening prevails. The logo “H” is placed at one side of the shoes.

What can be better than to wear a natural linen shirt when it is so hot outside? Right, nothing. So, choose this top by Alviero Martini for your young boy. It will suit both to a festive and formal outgo. But it can be also worn with jeans. The main attention is paid to its pattern – a nice vintage map all over the shirt. The inside of a collar and cuffs are of gold color.

A belt is the accessory, which can be worn for making the look of a boy complete. This one by John Galliano will fit to a casual style; for example, if combining it with a pair of denim trousers. The print on it is very brisk; giraffe and gazette images are placed in a white belt. Besides, the accessory is made from thick cotton.

Choose this nice T-shirt by Junior Gaultier for your boy. The attention must be focused on the back of the clothing, as there a print of a backpack is placed. It looks very attractive and fancy. The T-shirt itself comes in white, but the picture is of brown one. A small pocket is attached at one side of the chest.

This shirt is represented in the last collection of Fendi. It can be very practical additional clothing in a wardrobe of your boy. The color is dark blue, but a yellow logo of the brand is printed in the chest. The shirt has short sleeves and a button fastening at the front.

A white T-shirt can be a nice choice to wear when the sun is shining bright. Billybandit adds a nice print of “Walrus”, which is wearing a black hat. It is made from cotton, which is the preferable fabric of most parents and children during summer time.

Your young boy will fall in love with this pair of jeans by John Galliano. They are made in very cool design of faded blue color. An amazing lion print of black color is placed on one leg. It makes the denim trousers look fantastic. The style will be complete with a bright T-shirt with cool print.

Designer kids clothing VS. fake kids clothes

Everyone who decided to buy brand name children clothes can face one problem: how to understand that you are paying your hard earning money for the original items, but not for cheap knock-offs.

First of all you should pay attention to the price. Quality can not be cheap! So, if you decide to buy original designer kids clothes be ready to pay. Famous brand name designers NEVER have sales like all items $10 and do not expect to buy Armani boys jeans for $5 or Dior girls coat for $15. If you see prices like this there are two options: maybe you see used items for sale, so seller should mention about this fact on the website or maybe you just watching fake kids brand wear. So, do not waste your time on websites like this if you are looking for good quality, new and original brand name clothes for your children.
Second, examine the website: do you see any contact information, do you see clear return/exchange policies, is it clearly stated on the website that they sell original children designer clothing only? All reliable original brand name clothing retailers are ready to provide all information about their products and about their shop/online shop. They just have nothing to hide from the customers.
Third, check the pictures. Reliable websites always provide detailed pictures of all items they have. You should see every designer children clothing from all sides, it is even better (but not obligatory) if you can zoom every picture and to see all, even minor, details. Do not but from the website who propose only 1 picture of every product.
Fourth, ask Google! When you shop for designer kids clothes online the best way to understand how reliable the website is, is to search for some feedbacks and reviews in the internet. If somebody faced some problems with this website, you’ll for sure find this information. Do not 100% trust on reviews that are posted on the website where you want to buy kids designer clothes (the owner of the website can delete negative reviews or just write positive reviews himself). It is better to check some feedbacks on other websites, that belongs to the third parties.
Fifths, check what payment methods and delivery methods website proposes. For example if seller accept paypal it can be a guarantee that all children designer clothes on his website are original, because paypal does allow to sell fake products (but sure, it does not mean that ALL reliable sellers should use Paypal, maybe they does not use it for some other reasons, not because they sell fake kids brands). Reliable deliver companies (for example DHL, FedEx etc) also do not support fake products sellers. So, try to use well known delivery companies when you buy designer kids wear, shoes or accessories online.

Hope these tips were useful for you and now you are ready for safe online shopping!

Children designer wear


It does not matter, do you have baby girl or teenage boy, and you always want them to look gorgeous. It is very easy if you buy them children designer wear. Kids are growing fast, so you have to buy at least one pair of jeans, few t-shorts, 2-3 dresses, coat and some shoes every season and some times it is so difficult to find something really good in your local shopping mall. Try to switch your attention to online shopping. Here you can find all possible brand names and designers. The greatest news is that here all children designer wear is cheaper than in the offline shops and boutiques. So, you can buy more clothes, shoes and accessories or just to save money for some other purchases.

Why children DESIGNER wear, why not just to buy something cheap and ordinary? The answer is very easy, children’s designer wear is always high quality and stylish. No dangerous materials used for the production of children designer wear, shoes, toys or accessories. No problems with sizes (some cheap Chinese no-name brands can have serious problems with size charts… you can buy for example something for 1 year old girl, but it will be big even for 3 years old girl, or teenage boys shoes are like prewalkers size).

Maybe you think that only celebrity’s kids can wear children designer clothes? NO, you are wrong! Even if you budget is not so big, you can always find some children designer wear on sale. Some times it can be up to 80% discount for some kid’s designer wear, so the price is not as high as you can imagine.

Forget about overcrowded shops, full of mothers with crying children. Now you can just relax and shop online for children designer wear. Our online shops especially created for parents like you: modern, stylish, energetic.

Most famous fashion brand names have children’s designer wear in their collections. For example: Armani, D&G, Gucci, DIOR, Burberry, Versace and many others. You can be sure that you’ll find something new, stylish and luxury every season. Children designer wear is the same comfortable and modern as branded clothing for adults. You can find brand wear for everyday use and brand wear for special occasion: christening, birthday, New Year parties, red carpet parties etc. it does not matter why you want to buy great children designer wear online, you can always find something special here.

How to buy designer kids clothes online

How to buy designer kids clothes?

Where to buy designer kids clothes online?

How to choose the right size when you are shopping for designer kids clothes online?

Well we’ll try to answer on all your questions in this article.

First of all do not think that online shopping it is something strange and unknown. To buy designer kids clothes online is the same as to buy it in your local shopping mall, BUT it is less time consuming, you can do it 24/7 and you can save a lot of money when you shop online.
All these especially works when you are shopping for kinds wear. Most kids have standard figure so the only thing you should know is the age of your child and exact measurements: like foot size, how tall your kid is.

Here you can find two approximate tables. One for kids clothing, second one for kids shoes. Sure, all these measurements are just for example, more details you can find when you choose this or that item on our website.

The height is the average height of the child standing without shoes.

how to measure a baby height
Approx Age Height (cm)
0 – 3 month 57 cm
3 – 6 month 63 cm
6 – 12 month 69 cm
12 month 81 cm
18 month 85 cm
2 years 91 cm
3 years 97 cm
4 years 103 cm
5 years 111 cm
6 years 115 cm
8 years 127 cm
10 years 141 cm
12 years 151 cm
14 years 163 cm


Kids shoes and prewalkers sizes.

Table is for different countries for better understanding:

Approx. Age European UK Size USA Size
3 – 6 month 17 – 18 1 – 2 2 – 3
6 – 9 month 19- 20 3 – 4 4 – 5









Approx Height

(in inches)

24 7 8 15 37″ 2 years
25 8 9 15.5 38½” 3 years
26 16 39¼” 3 years
27 9 10 16.5 41″ 4 years
28 10 11 17 43¼” 5 years
29 11 12 17.5 45¾” 6 years
30 12 13 18 48″ 7 years
31 12½ 13½ 18.5 50½” 8 years
32 13 1 19 51¼” 8 years
33 1 2 20 52¾” 9 years
34 2 3 20.5 55″ 10 years
35 21.5 57½” 11 years
36 3 4 22.5 59″ 12 years
37 4 5 23 60¾” 13 years
38 5 6 24 64½” 14 years
39 6 7 25 64½” 15 years

Next question, where to buy designer kids clothes if you decide to buy it online? We suggest you to use only reliable websites. Only using these websites you can be sure that you purchase 100% original designer kids clothing, NO fake or knockoffs!!
How to understand that the website is reliable? Check websites policies first. You should see something like money back guarantee or exchange guarantee. On our websites you can always return or exchange designer kids clothing if you do not like something or just change your mind to buy it (just check the time frame policies first, some sellers propose 2 weeks return/exchange guarantee for designer kids clothing, shoes and accessories, other can give you even 1 month to think about your purchase. Do not forget that any item that you want to return/exchange should not be used and all package should not be damaged.
How to pay for your designer kids clothes, shoes or accessories if you want to buy them online? It is very easy, you just need Debit or Credit card or Paypal account. It will take only 3-5 minutes to make the payment. All payment processes are 100% secured when you buy designer kids clothes, designer kids shoes or designer kids accessories from our partners website.

Brand baby clothes online

In the modern world children can face with style, fashion and luxury from their first days of life. Sure, in this period your baby can not understand exactly what is beautiful and what is not, but anyways it will form subconsciously your baby future tastes and preferences. And for sure every mommy would like to buy some brand clothing not only to herself but for her lovely baby too.
So, what is brand baby clothes and how to buy it?

Brand baby clothes it is luxury and stylish segment in the world’s baby fashion market. You can find the same brand names for brand baby clothes as for your own clothing. For example if you are found of Dolce&Gabbana brand name clothing you can find D&G baby line also. Or maybe you like Dior fashion brand? No problem, you can instantly find about 100 baby Dior items on our website: Dior baby clothing. Dior baby shoes. Dior baby toys, Dior baby accessories….
All that you need for your baby or just imagine are now available under the famous brand names.
If you decide to buy some brand baby clothes but you do not know how to start, we can suggest you to search online. Our online shop proposes more that 250 brand names, so you can for sure find something special and luxury for your baby.
Every mommy knows how it is difficult to find time for shopping when you have a newborn baby. Now you can not spend half a day walking from shop to shop looking for something special and some times you have free time only late at night, when you baby finally decide to sleep. Sure, all you local boutiques are closed in the night… but the good news is that online shops available 24/7 and all year round (we do not have weekend or holidays), you can search, choose and buy brand baby clothes online every time you need and from any place in the world. You only need 4 things to buy brand baby clothes online: computer (or any other electronic device that can search in the internet, like Smartphone, iPad and so on), internet, credit/debit card (or paypal account) and the desire to buy something new for your baby.
It is also very comfortable that after you make the purchase your brand baby clothes will be delivered to your home directly in the date and time when it is comfortable to you.
Also it is a great idea and chance to make a present for your friends and relatives who have a new born baby but who live far from you. You can make an order for some brand baby clothes, brand baby shoes, brand baby toys or brand baby accessries on the website and order delivery directly to your friends/relatives house.

Baby nest

Baby nest, sleeping bag, stroller bag – all these are like synonyms to one of the most useful baby accessory that is a must have for every baby from the new born to at least 1 year old.

baby nest

You can find different styles of baby nests: for summer period or for winter period, for extremely cold winter or for “gentle” winter colds. Sure, to propose this variety, baby nest manufacturers should use different technologies and different materials. Most common used baby nests are made from cotton, but also it is easy to find lined baby nest or woolen. It is only your deal what to choose!
When you buy baby nest pay attention to the brand name, your baby will spend many hours in this baby nest so it is very important to buy high quality product. We propose you to check our designer baby nests, from the world best baby designers. Here you can find such a famous brand names as Armani, Dior, Chloe, Burberry and many others. Stylish mums and dads now have a good chance to buy their favorite designer brand clothes, shoes and accessories not only to themselves but to their babies too.
It is very easy to buy designer baby nests online, because there is no need to fit it first, just check the approximate age and measurements that seller provides in every item description. Also, it much more cheaper to shop online, especially when you use some special website promo codes and special discounts. So buy designer baby nest online and save money for you future purchases.

Sleeveless Silk Floral Dress

Torres Sleeveless Silk Floral Dress

Brand name children designer clothes by Torres

Buy Torres Sleeveless Silk Floral Dress online

Adorably pretty silk dress by Torres. With a simple scoop neckline and fitted bodice, it has a full shape at the bottom thanks to the layers of lightweight tulle and cotton underneath. Flower detail on the waist and an adjustable button belt on the back.
Model age: 5 year; height: 110cm; chest: 56cm
Size of dress: 6 year

Outer: 100% silk
Inner: 85% polyester, 15% cotton
Dry clean only

Girls Red Patent Leather Bow Shoes

Children’s Classics Girls Red Patent Leather Bow Shoes

Brand name children designer clothes by Children’s Classics

Buy Children’s Classics Girls Red Patent Leather Bow Shoes online

In vivid red patent leather, these adorable shoes by Children’s Classics are a timeless design. Padded inner lining. Single buckle fastening. Red leather bow with a pretty diamante circle to the centre. Designed to fit securely round the heel thanks to the high back.

Leather with synthetic soles
Buckle fastening

Girls Pink Patent Leather Bow Shoes

Children’s Classics Girls Pink Patent Leather Bow Shoes

Brand name children designer clothes by Children’s Classics

Buy Children’s Classics Girls Pink Patent Leather Bow Shoes online

In pale pink patent leather, these adorable shoes by Children’s Classics are a timeless design. Padded inner lining. Single buckle fastening. Pink leather bow with a pretty diamante circle to the centre. Designed to fit securely round the heel thanks to the high back.

Leather with synthetic soles
Buckle fastening

Baby ‘Madison’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs)

Trumpette Baby ‘Madison’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs)

Brand name children designer clothes by Trumpette

Buy Trumpette Baby ‘Madison’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs) online

Trumpette set of six pairs of baby socks. These adorable little socks come in an array of bright colours interwoven with a design that looks like ballet pumps, complete with bows on top. They have rubberised printed lettering on the soles and come in a gift box making them a great present.

70% cotton, 27% nylon, 3% spandex
Machine wash (40*C)

Baby ‘5th Avenue’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs)

Trumpette Baby ‘5th Avenue’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs)

Brand name children designer clothes by Trumpette

Buy Trumpette Baby ‘5th Avenue’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs) online

Trumpette set of six pairs of baby socks. Array of bright colours with a design that looks like mary jane bar shoes. They have rubberised printed lettering on the soles and come in a gift box making them a great present.

80% cotton, 17% nylon, 3% spandex
Machine wash (40*C)

Baby ‘Calibaby’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs)

Trumpette Baby ‘Calibaby’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs)

Brand name children designer clothes by Trumpette

Buy Trumpette Baby ‘Calibaby’ Cotton Socks In A Box (6 Pairs) online

Trumpette set of six pairs of baby socks. These adorable little socks come in an array of bright colours interwoven with a design that looks like trainers, complete with laces on top. They have rubberised printed lettering on the soles and come in a gift box making them a great present.

72% cotton, 26% nylon, 2% spandex
Machine wash (40*C)

Boys Guitar Print White Shirt

Richmond Jr Boys Guitar Print White Shirt

Brand name children designer clothes by Richmond Jr

Buy Richmond Jr Boys Guitar Print White Shirt online

We are busy writing the product description but we couldn’t wait to show you this item. While the description is being written if you would like any information about this product email us or chat to us from our live-chat link at the top of the page and we will be happy to help.