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Vilac brand began to manufacture wooden toys in 1911 in eastern France in the village of Jura. Vilac brand toys are unique – they never go out of fashion and continue to be attractive for many generations. Buy Vilac toys, because they are not only pleasant, these toys also help to develop imagination, creativity and communication skills of a child. If you buy Vilac toys online, your children will receive a unique toy, which lives out of time and out of fashion for decades and your children will definitely love these beautiful toys.
Vilac educational toys, made from alder, are durable and will delight your children for a long time. One of the main secret of Vilac manufacturers is the usage of the treated, polished wood, carefully machined edge and lacquered at least three times by skilled craftsmen. Vilac designers are true artists, who put their soul during into the creation of new toys.Vilac is a renowned brand manufacturing toys for children. The company was established in France but today the brand is well-known in many countries of the world, especially in Europe, where the company holds a particularly strong position. Vilac is above all popular for its wooden toys and consumers enjoy buying toys from Vilac because they are always original and interesting for kids to play with. In fact, the company has been using natural materials for the creation of its toys since the foundation. Today, the company continues the tradition of using natural materials, especially wood. Wooden toys are safe for health of children and they cannot injure children like some modern toys do, if they are made of plastic or resin of the low quality. Moreover, wooden toys are not so vulnerable to breaking as other contemporary toys are, because modern toys are often made of relatively fragile materials. In addition, wooden toys manufactured by Vilac are recyclable that makes them environment friendly, while the company attempts to use the recycled wood for manufacturing of its toys but all materials, which the company uses for manufacturing its wooden toys, undergo strict control to insure their safety and high quality

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