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The Teddykompaniet brand manufactures soft toys, accessories, clothing and many other necessary items for your child. It can be said that everything, which is done for your kids by Teddykompaniet, is made with love. Teddykompaniet takes into account the needs of kids of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. Buy Teddykompaniet now and you will gain pleasant to the touch, warm and colorful clothes! Your child will be delighted with its interesting appearance, and excellent comfort. Buy Teddykompaniet because all products of this brand are made from high quality materials, which are completely non-toxic: children can chew it or try on the tooth.
Without any doubts, Teddykompaniet’s toys will become the best friends for your child for a long time. Buy Teddykompaniet online and your child will receive unforgettable and very exciting adventure into the world of fairy tales and miracles. Also, it is important to note that Teddykompaniet products promote both physical and intellectual growth for your child and open his/her new abilities, aptitudes and talents!Teddykompaniet is one of the leading designer and toys manufacturer in the EU and the world. The company was founded in Sweden and started the toys manufacturing business with teddy bears and other soft toys. In the course of time, the company diversified its product lines and now the company manufactures teddy bears, giraffes, rabbits, cows and other soft toys. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the company attempts to create realistic toys that resemble animals, for instance, or other elements of the real life that surround children in their natural environment. In such a way, the company attempts to make its toys not just a mere entertainment but also an educational tool that helps children to learn more about the world around them. Even though the company was based in Sweden, currently Teddykompaniet operates internationally, while the EU market is the major market for the company. Toys of Teddykompaniet are made of safe materials and they are destined for children from the early age. In fact, the company designs toys from first days of life and kids can enjoy toys supplied by the company throughout their childhood. Today, consumers can buy Teddykompaniet toys online

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