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The history of Pom d ‘Api brand began in 1870 in small village in western France. For this years, Pom d ‘Api brand has become the standard of children’s shoes. Pom d ‘Api – it is the highest quality shoes with original and creative design for children, who are full of imagination. Each pair of shoes passes 205 different stages, starting with the selection of the best quality leather. Moreover, particular attention during the manufacture of footwear is paid to the child’s foot health.
Buy Pom d ‘Api now and you will get carefully designed shoe, which created with the light of careful measurements of children’s feet, an innovative instep, soft and comfortable genuine leather. Buy Pom d ‘Api online, because this brand is true leader among manufacturers of children’s shoes thanks to innovative approach and constant innovations in the design of each model. No wonder that Pom d ‘Api shoes are sold in more than 1,000 stores around the world.Pom d’Api is a famous brand that represents art and creativity in the design. The brand was created in 1973 by the brothers Rautureau. The brand made its name in the segment of child and adolescent footwear. The designers of the brand successfully combine unique approach, avant-garde and innovations in the models design based on taking care about the morphology of the skin. The work of these brothers was at once recognized by the professionals and in 1974 the brand received Oscar of creativity. As for today, the brand footwear is recognized as the high-end and takes the most fashionable shelves of Europe and Asia. Shoes of Pom d’Api are made of the natural materials and that is why they will bring your child the best sense of comfort while they will be wearing them. This footwear is very light and makes children feel easy while walking and running. Buy Pom d’Api footwear as it is a perfect option for those parents who search for comfortable shoes that will help the leg of their child to grow and develop in the proper way. Great amount of the brand collections are represented in the Internet stores so you could buy brand Pom d’Api online

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