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Pamilla is a widely known and internationally recognized brand in the world of children’s everyday and festive clothing. As a fact, Pamilla brand manufactures clothing for children from 0 to 14 years old. Pamilla brand offers wool coats and jackets, which received recognition from customers; summer dresses and costumes of dazzle colors and elegant silhouettes. Buy Pamilla, because this brand has a classic style, elegant lines of the design, uses selected materials and manufactures high quality sewing products.
Pamilla’s collections of festive clothes are made in bright and pastel shades. During its manufacturing Pamilla uses silk and other materials, with carefully thought-out design and attention to every detail. Buy Pamilla online, because this brand always offers the best value for the cost of the product with the quality of a semi-manual work, as well as high-quality fabrics. Without any doubts, your children will love this brand clothes and will be thankful for your choice.This famous brand was founded in 2005 and is based on the idea to offer the collections for girls, which are made in the style of the 40’s and 50’s. Pamilla is the name of the girl Milla and Pam and is an option for Pamela. From the Greek the meaning of Pamilla may be translated as “honey” and “sweetness” taking you in that sweet world of childhood, which is always taken as an inspiration for creation each collection. All collections are always made in Italy. Pamilla maintains quality “100% Made in Italy» and refers itself to the luxury brands that believe in the strength and ability of a true Italian quality. Excellent, unique and forever are the words that may be used for the brand description. Each season the designers select the best, whether it’s cotton, cashmere or silk. The brand founders believed that nature offers what is best, so Pamilla use only natural materials and their natural color! The quality of the brand clothing will never make its clients regret about the purchase when they buy Pamilla clothes. Fortunately for those people who have no time for shopping, they can always buy Pamilla clothing online in the Internet stores

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