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The priority activity of the Italian brand Missouri is manufacture of exclusive shoes for children and teenagers. This company was founded in 1972 in Italy. Nowadays, Missouri has brand stores of children’s footwear in Europe, U.S., Saudi Arabia and Russia. It can be said that assortment of Missouri brand footwear includes different kinds of shoes, boots, uggs, and a collection of accessories for young elegants and dandies. Buy Missouri, because this brand offers children’s shoes, which combine the quality and originality of execution, as well as exceptional materials.
As a fact, Missouri brand brought into the fashion world exceptional sophistication and luxury, which emphasizes the beauty of a tender children’s age. Buy Missouri brand and you, as well as your children will appreciate the wealth of the Italian shoe brand assortment. Missouri offers children’s shoes for every day, classic shoe for school, sports shoes and, of course, delicious festive footwear.The founder of the famous Missouri brand is Sergio Ferracuti. It was this talented Italian designer who created this famous for the moment brand, which today can be considered a standard of beauty, sophistication and quality in the world of shoes for children. You can find boutiques and representation of the company and buy Missouri shoes in such countries as Italy, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Russia and many other countries. This Italian trade mark annually produces several collections of footwear for boys and girls for all occasions. If you decide to buy brand Missouri footwear you will be able to purchase casual shoes, sports shoes, classic shoes and elegant shoes that will bring your child the best sense of comfort. Since 1972, the Italian brand Missouri is in the world of fashion, offering children’s shoes for boys and girls. Shoes Missouri differ by the unmatched quality, beauty and refinement, which are the products of creativity of the founder of company Sergio Ferracuti. This designer makes everything possible so that children could feel the most comfortable while wearing these high quality shoes made solely from natural materials. Buy Missouri footwear if you search for the best high quality footwear for your child

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