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The Miss Sixty brand was created by Italian designers Wichy Hassan and Renato Ross in 1989. Currently, Miss Sixty manufactures different lines for women and a line of children’s clothing. This brand was made for those, who prefer a bright and unique style of clothing. Also, Miss Sixty specializes on production of accessories and fragrances. It can be said that Miss Sixty brand offers feminine, glamorous style, preserving at the same irony and playfulness. Buy Miss Sixty because this clothing is made for confident youth, who know how to be fashionable, trendy and vibrant.
Buy Miss Sixty online and your children will always look fashionable, romantic, feminine, and, at the same time, confident in their style. Miss Sixty Shoes offers different dresses, sweaters, shirts, skirts and other clothes completely designed for a modern, full of strength and optimism, stylish girl. Moreover, all Miss Sixty clothes is extremely convenient in usage.

Miss Sixty is an Italian brand of the fashionable clothing and footwear for women. Miss Sixty has been created in the 1989 by the Italian designers Wichy Hassan and Renato Rossi. According to their opinion the brand should represent glamour, brightness and individuality for the young women. The brand creates clothing for women that will help every person to look like the star. The ideology had so much success that in1992 the company has opened its representative office in the USA. The greatest success has achieved the brand Miss Sixty in the beginning of the new era when the range of traditional jeans was expanded by the daring dresses, short skirts, feminine coats and other clothing as well as footwear and accessories. With time there appears the line of clothing for children Miss Sixty that is more restrained, but at the same time is not less bright and unusual. In general, the collections of the brand do not contradict each other as for the style. The choice to buy Miss Sixty clothing would be the perfect option for those people who cannot imagine their life without the clothes of the premium quality. If you choose to buy brand Miss Sixty, you will be totally satisfied by your choice

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