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We are introducing you the designer Kathe Kruse – a widely known brand of children’s toys. The brand if offering different styles and colors to choose from. Knowing the taste of your child you can choose the most appropriate toy for him. As well, there is always an opportunity to surprise your child by presenting him a toy that he has never ever seen, as there are plenty of different creative design that the brand Kathe Kruse offers. The brand makes its toys in Germany and guarantees excellent quality. There are different dolls, animals, and figures that you can choose from. The brand states that there is a natural scent that each toy possesses and baby will feel comfort and security when sleeping with a toy from Kathe Kruse. The toys can be bought for newborn babies and they are totally safe. Buy Kathe Kruse online and get quality toys for your children!Kathe Kruse is one of the most renowned dolls manufacturers that create original, designer dolls that attract customers due to the exclusive design. The company was founded in 1905 in Germany by Kathe Kruse but the company did not launch the doll production for sale until 1911, when Kathe Kruse received the first order. By the 1920s the doll production became international and products of Kathe Kruse became renowned not only in Europe but also internationally. The company took an active part in dolls shows and exhibitions which facilitated the promotion of Kathe Kruse’s dolls internationally. During World War II the company faced considerable difficulties with maintenance of production and sales but after the war the company recovered fast. In 1958, the company was headed by Hanne Kruse, the daughter of the founder of the company. During the 1960s the company develops close cooperation with other companies and manufactures Babies and Toddlers. In the 1990s, the company enhanced its international market position and continued business expansion. At the moment, Kathe Kruse is one of the most renowned doll manufacturing brands, whose products are popular in many countries of the world. Today, customers can buy Kathe Kruse dolls not only from retailers but also online

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