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I Pinco Pallino

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The brand I Pinco Pallino was created in 1980 by two designers: Imelda and Stefano Cavalieri. It is essential to note that during the creation of their collections, designers work with child psychologists, and take into account their advice to reproduce fashion collections. As a fact, I Pinco Pallino produces not only a delightful children’s clothing, but no less delightful children’s accessories and shoes. Buy I Pinco Pallino and your children will have not only beautiful style, but also comfort of real high quality product.
The collections I Pinco Pallino include several topics: flower, sailor theme, dresses for special occasions and ceremonies, and, of course, clothes for recreation and games. Today, I Pinco Pallino produces several lines of children’s clothing, shoes and accessories: basic – I Pinco Pallino, I Pinco Pallino Baby, 1950 and 1950 Little. Buy I Pinco Pallino, because this brand pays attention, love and understanding to children.

I Pinco Pallino – unique brand can wear your child

The company I Pinco Pallino is very interesting not only for their own stuff, but also by the process approach to work. The owners of digging – the wife Cavalieri use in their shows only red and blue-eyed children. This is a very interesting approach, because they believe that this is the most unique children and, consequently, their collections are unique. It’s true. I Pinco Pallino company produces only baby clothes, accordingly, they are paying a lot of time to develop this wonderful collection, by the way, they do so with child psychologists to help couples choose the right material and shape of the future product. The collections from these designers are always there are several areas that they always use. This is the theme of sailors, floral theme, as well as clothing for a special occasion. You can buy your baby clothes from I Pinco Pallino, and give him a piece of luck, give them a little bit of heat, which makes this collection of these famous designers.

I Pinco Pallino known not only in Italy, they have won international calling, and now many children have the opportunity to wear clothing that is made with love. And is it really a great feeling, because his wife is not only known for its collections and its own brand, but they are known for their charity. A huge part of the money they earn Cavalieri give to charity to help children in different situations. So when you buy clothes from these designers, you not only get high-quality and original products, you just mentally doing a good job, paying their money not only for the beautiful dress or a blouse, but as you give the money to children who have experiences in life is not as good as many. So this brand is very unique to children, because only produces children’s clothing, which allows designers to place much greater amount of time the nuances of that, respectively, then leads to the fact that you get high quality and very stylish product that you can buy your child and automatically put it in the center of attention, because the clothes from the Cavalieri is designed specifically for these children, for vivid, unusual, individual and stylish. If you think your child is so, or want it to become so, then buy it now items from these two very talented designers with a huge heart

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