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We would like to represent you a designer Holztiger that created toys for children. There is a wide range of wooden toys for children to choose from. Also, you can buy designer Holztiger online, fast and easy. This will save your time and there is always more online to choose from. Handmade wooden toys have become very popular, and thee toys are considered an idea product of nature. Designer Holztiger states: “Holztiger maple is naturally free from pollutants and as it is a natural raw material from a sustained source, it has no negative impact on the environment.” This way, parents can be sure that they are buying the best and eco-friendly toys for their children. Also, toys are painted by hand using non-toxic water based paints, and the toys are considered timeless. These handmade animals are created to allow a child to invent things and develop his imagination. Each toy has a unique quality and it’s always a pleasure to present such type of natural toys to children. Buy Holztiger online and enjoy your shopping with us!Holtziger is a brand that uses solely natural and environmentally friendly wood for the toys production. In order to withstand the games of children for many hours that toys are made of the hard wood. Basically, it is maple that has fine texture and pattern that is then painted as oak, beech and birch. For painting the toys the brand uses harmless acrylic water based paints. At the end every toys goes through the quality control and then it is marked with the Holtziger logo. The finished toys comply with the European safety standards. It is hard not to notice that the Holztiger toys are like children’s drawings. They may seem absurd and ridiculous from the first glance. But once you take them in your hands you would not like to part with them. The designers of the brand made everything possible so that children that would be playing the toys could speak the same language with them. The details of the toys allow developing the child’s imagination and thinking. If you buy Holztiger toys, you purchase your child exclusive toys made of the durable materials and the design of which your child will definitely like. Buy Holztiger toys and enjoy the incredible quality

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