Gotz Dolls

Gotz Dolls is a famous kids dolls manufactured. The company was found in 1950 in Rodentale, Germany. The first dolls were made of papier-mâché and then painted with five family members. At first they were simple dolls, but the more time passed, the more they improved, and in 1957 vinyl dolls began to be issued. Due to manufacturing quality and thoroughness of detail, Gotz Dolls have won recognition and popularity in the world.
Today is Gotz Dolls is worldwide well-known manufacturer of gaming and collectible dolls, which are the pearls in the world doll market. Moreover, Gotz Dolls owns one of the largest doll factories in the world. Buy Gotz Dolls because over the years the company has won many awards of the “doll world”. As a rule, Gotz Dolls are made from exclusive vinyl. Buy Gotz Dolls online and you will gain a high-quality dolls, which are made by special technology using only top quality materials.

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