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It should be noted that Gallucci brand manufactures exceptional quality children’s shoes in the heart of Italy for more than 50 years. As a matter of fact, all Gallucci’s assortment is designed with precision and attention to details. Buy Gallucci, because this brand offers the softness, lightness, flexibility and durability of all shoes. Without any doubts, all these qualities are very important to care for children’s feet from their first steps to 12 years.
During the manufacturing process, Gallucci’s skilled craftsmen use the best grade of calf or goat skin, moreover, the lining usually is made from hand-processed tender lamb skin. Consequently, many parts, as well as Gallucci’s accessories are handmade, making each model in a huge assortment unique. Buy Gallucci brand online and you will find everything you search for children of all ages. Your children will appreciate stylish Gallucci brand boots, which were made from genuine leather. Italian craftsmen are famous for their skills in the manufacture of footwear of all models and for all occasions. For over 50 years, Gallucci has been making shoes for the children, in the best tradition of the Italian masters. Children’s shoes can also be fashionable and modern. Gallucci proudly confirms this. The range of brand is designed for children aged 0 to 12 years. Collections are constantly updated with new models, allowing each small mod and parents to choose exactly what they need. It should be particularly emphasized that children’s shoes Gallucci are of the highest quality. Many of the operations as for the manufacture of details and décor of the finished products are made by hand. The craftsmen use the best-quality calf and goat skin. Buy brand Gallucci footwear and make your child feel as comfortable as possible. The inside of the shoes and insoles, as well, made of genuine leather. For making the inside of the shoe an amazingly soft lambskin is used. Gallucci creators are well aware that the requirements for children’s shoes are more stringent than for shoes for adults. That is why if you buy Gallucci shoes, you will never be disappointed about your choice. Give your child a great comfort and convenience together with Gallucci footwear

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