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Catimini creates bright fashion for children, functional, comfortable and very beautiful. In the French brand boutiques you can pick up clothes for the kids, and for teenagers. Also, it is very comfortable to buy Catimini online.
Catimini – is a world leader in clothing and footwear for children from birth to 16 years. Catimini – is a French brand, which is different from the rest of its brightness, quality fabrics, cut eccentricity. Also Catimini – is an advanced scheme of doing business. The concept of shopping surprises, amazes and does not let go.
Catimini on the world market since 1972. There are 278 single-brand stores CAT Catimini IMINI around the world. Unique design shops in the spirit of the Paris apartment 30s «Concept Haussmann». Catimini offers stylish clothes for boys and girls from 0 to 16 years. Catimini offers a full range of clothing: dresses, shirts, polo shirts, trousers, breeches, shorts, shirts, jackets, coats, sweaters, as well as shoes, accessories and even sunglasses! Catimini – is a capsule collection, differentiated lines and lines of clothing for children and adolescents. Catimini – is a French delicacy, creativity, exclusive fabrics, unusual colors and unmatched style. Buy Catimini to feel modern and confident!

The new brand is now available to every child

Catimini – a company with a very interesting history. It was organized 35 years ago and during this short period of time won the hearts of millions of people around the world, because this French company specializing in clothing just for children of different age groups. The French company Catimini is a member of Zannier, which in addition it includes more than 250 brands. Make absolutely covers all ages of childhood and adolescence. You can buy clothes for the very young angels who have not even got up on his feet, so you can buy clothes for older children who have attended school for young children, as the company Catimini not cheated, and school-age children. Thus, we conclude that the brand can grow with your child and if you like the design of these clothes, you can dress him up to 16 years.

Today, children’s clothing from Catimini known in more than 48 countries, sold more than 200 thousands of stores not only in France but also in other states and the number of stores is growing with each passing forward, and this means that the demand for these clothes is very high that gives a company which is part of Zannier, special weight. You can wear your baby stylish and exclusively with the brand. You can open the door to her child into the world of fashion and beauty, you can teach him to appreciate others and to appreciate its appearance. You can teach him the true care and respect for beautiful things and he will carry this knowledge over a lifetime and will remain eternally grateful to you for what you once did for him. YOU can teach him to distinguish the good stuff from the bad, and fashionable thing from a simple and outdated. Do you have the opportunity to buy everything you want, from trendy dresses and shorts to coats and jackets from Catimini. This will give your child more confidence in himself, because he will know and feel that something is better than everyone else, somewhere he wins, and if he wins in one position, then over time it becomes absolute leader. Your child may become the undisputed leader in our company, and later in life, so do not miss your chance to give him that opportunity. It’s time for the beauty of your children

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