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As a fact, Birkenstock is an American brand, which appeared more than 30 years ago. The idea of a founder of Birkenstock, Margo Fraser, was to create comfortable and healthy shoes. Birkenstock shoes supports the arch of the foot, relieves muscles and ligaments. Buy Birkenstock and you will get the shoe with total support and comfort of spacing, which evenly distributes static and dynamic loads on the foot. Moreover, well thought out design of shoes, belts and soles guarantee a natural tension and relaxation of the feet and calf muscles with every step.
Buy Birkenstock online, because children need the right shoes, which will ensure the health of their young, growing feet. The insole of Birkenstock shoes exactly copy all natural curves, acquires the form of children’s feet. Thus, the leg is in orthopedic correct position. Birkenstock offers a wide selection of shoes, where you can find open and closed models, both for you and for your children.

Birkenstock is a famous shoe brand which was founded by Johann Adam Birkenstock in 1774. The Birkenstock family members have been excellent shoemakers for over 230 years producing perfect footwear for people of different ages. As a well-known shoe manufacturer on the international market, this company has a good reputation. It is located in Germany. Today Birkenstock shoes are considered to be the products of high quality. Practically all products have a classic style contoured cork and rubber footbeds. This brand offers footwear for men, women and children. Comfortable and stylish clogs, sandals and shoes made by Birkenstock designers can be purchased online. Today the Birkenstock brand is one of the best shoe brands for children because it produces healthy footwear. The Birkenstock designers use their knowledge and experience to create comfortable footwear and meet the needs of customers. It is interesting to note that Birkenstock was established in the USA in the 1970s. The founder of the brand, Margot Fraser, visited Germany and bought her first pair of sandals manufactured by Birkenstock. In 1966, Margot Fraser began to import the Birkenstock footwear from Germany and founded the Birkenstock USA. Today many parents choose this brand footwear for their children

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