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Zoo truck Multicoloured

Imagination games

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The big lion is moving to a new zoo. Load it onto the Zoo Truck, jump in the front and drive it to its new home. Be sure to drive carefully though. We dont want to bump the lion around! Features big Zoo Truck, lion and assorted DUPLO bricks Drive the truck to the zoo! Includes familiar animal theme to help children develop role-play skills DUPLO products are fun and safe for younger hands Zoo Truck measures over 9 (24cm) long and 4 (12cm) tall

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Fire truck Multicoloured

Imagination games

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Emergency! Race to the scene and put out the fire! Use the extendable ladder and basket to rescue someone! Grab the Fire Trucks hoses to douse the flames! Figures and animals are colorful, safe and sturdy for little hands and big imaginations. Includes fireman figure Extend the ladder for high-rise rescues! Put out the fire with the Fire Trucks hoses! Includes rescue axe, flames and LEGO DUPLO bricks! Fire Truck features light and sound siren! LEGO DUPLO products are fun and safe for younger hands 21 items

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Baby zoo Multicoloured

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The friendly zoo keeper has lots to do as she nurses the young animals at the Baby Zoo. Learn all about giraffes, polar bears, elephants and lion cubs by helping the zoo keeper take good care of these adorable baby animals! Includes animals, zoo keeper, and large building bricks 18 items

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Stephanies Cool Convertible Multicoloured

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Hop into the coolest ride in Heartlake City to pick up the LEGO® Friends for a road trip full of fun and adventure! Stephanie loves cruising in her Cool Convertible. Help her wash it to a sparkle and load her puppy into the backseat! Then take the LEGO Friends to the beauty shop, to the beach, or go on a road trip with the girls! Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure. Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure and dog Coco Features carwash, bench and streetlamp Carwash includes water tap, bucket and brush Accessories include MP3 player, purse and hair accessory pack with bows, sunglasses, a hairdryer, hairbrush and a mirror 130 items

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The Dog show Multicoloured

Imagination games

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Its a great day to be a pretty puppy in Heartlake City! Mia is taking her 2 puppies to the annual Heartlake Dog Show. Help her to show them on the podium and runway for the judges! Then, guide them through the obstacle course. If they can finish quickly, Mias puppies are sure to win a prize! Includes Mia mini-doll figure and 2 puppies, Scarlett and Jacky Features podium with runway, grooming and preparation area, 2 obstacles, trophy with stand and outdoor scenery Accessories include camera, bows, brushes, plate, bones, flowers, seesaw, hurdle and flags Win first prize with Mias pretty puppies! 183 pièces

25.00 EUR

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