Designer baby snowsuit

Nowadays, caring and loving parents may purchase the high quality snowsuits for children who, as we all know, tend to be outside for a long time, enjoying various winter activities and getting dirty in the snow. Thus, children need the most comfortable and functional outfit. Snowsuits keep children warm and cozy all the time. You may not worry about the functionality of your kid’s clothes anymore, as snowsuits are highly practical. The variety of snowsuits on today’s fashion market is so diverse that parents often find it difficult to choose which snowsuit will fit best. Such brands as Ralph Lauren, Miss Blumarine, Roberto Cavalli, Young Versace and others produce the snowsuits of the highest quality, suitable for absolutely any weather condition.

Children are waiting for sunny snow days with excitement and anticipation. However, wintertime brings a lot of worries and concerns to parents, as they want their kids to dress warm and feel comfortable at the same time. With new technologies in kid’s clothes design, it became possible for parents to provide their kids with the best outwear for frosty wintertime. Nowadays, snowsuits are among the most popular items of winter clothes being available in various designs.

If you want your child to wear the best quality outwear when it is cold outside, snowsuits are just what you are looking for.

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Brand “I’m toy”

Brand “I’m toy” is recognized and loved in the market of wooden toys in the world. The wooden toys are becoming more popular every year due to the fact that wood is a natural, non-polluting material. Products are designed for the age group from 0 to 5 years. It can be divided primarily on the two color lines: toys and bright pastel color series.

Kids love the colorful, brightly colored toys .The general purpose of creating toys for the kids is their teaching function. In assortment there are toys, learning to distinguish the form, and by combining wood with textile materials, they develop a sense of touch, motor skills.

A large collection of different musical toys help to develop musical skills. Stadiometers are very popular which are not only functional, but also decorate an interior perfectly.

For children at the age of 4-5 years, who are preparing for school, the company proposes school desks, little tables and stools. The assortment also provides a series of toys, the basic material is textile, and developmental items (rattles, etc.) are made of wood. Toys are very bright, attractive to children. By purchasing a product brand “I’m toy” you will provide your child with comfortable furniture, allowing them to develop as quickly as possible.

Designer kids clothing VS. fake kids clothes

Everyone who decided to buy brand name children clothes can face one problem: how to understand that you are paying your hard earning money for the original items, but not for cheap knock-offs.

First of all you should pay attention to the price. Quality can not be cheap! So, if you decide to buy original designer kids clothes be ready to pay. Famous brand name designers NEVER have sales like all items $10 and do not expect to buy Armani boys jeans for $5 or Dior girls coat for $15. If you see prices like this there are two options: maybe you see used items for sale, so seller should mention about this fact on the website or maybe you just watching fake kids brand wear. So, do not waste your time on websites like this if you are looking for good quality, new and original brand name clothes for your children.
Second, examine the website: do you see any contact information, do you see clear return/exchange policies, is it clearly stated on the website that they sell original children designer clothing only? All reliable original brand name clothing retailers are ready to provide all information about their products and about their shop/online shop. They just have nothing to hide from the customers.
Third, check the pictures. Reliable websites always provide detailed pictures of all items they have. You should see every designer children clothing from all sides, it is even better (but not obligatory) if you can zoom every picture and to see all, even minor, details. Do not but from the website who propose only 1 picture of every product.
Fourth, ask Google! When you shop for designer kids clothes online the best way to understand how reliable the website is, is to search for some feedbacks and reviews in the internet. If somebody faced some problems with this website, you’ll for sure find this information. Do not 100% trust on reviews that are posted on the website where you want to buy kids designer clothes (the owner of the website can delete negative reviews or just write positive reviews himself). It is better to check some feedbacks on other websites, that belongs to the third parties.
Fifths, check what payment methods and delivery methods website proposes. For example if seller accept paypal it can be a guarantee that all children designer clothes on his website are original, because paypal does allow to sell fake products (but sure, it does not mean that ALL reliable sellers should use Paypal, maybe they does not use it for some other reasons, not because they sell fake kids brands). Reliable deliver companies (for example DHL, FedEx etc) also do not support fake products sellers. So, try to use well known delivery companies when you buy designer kids wear, shoes or accessories online.

Hope these tips were useful for you and now you are ready for safe online shopping!

Children designer wear


It does not matter, do you have baby girl or teenage boy, and you always want them to look gorgeous. It is very easy if you buy them children designer wear. Kids are growing fast, so you have to buy at least one pair of jeans, few t-shorts, 2-3 dresses, coat and some shoes every season and some times it is so difficult to find something really good in your local shopping mall. Try to switch your attention to online shopping. Here you can find all possible brand names and designers. The greatest news is that here all children designer wear is cheaper than in the offline shops and boutiques. So, you can buy more clothes, shoes and accessories or just to save money for some other purchases.

Why children DESIGNER wear, why not just to buy something cheap and ordinary? The answer is very easy, children’s designer wear is always high quality and stylish. No dangerous materials used for the production of children designer wear, shoes, toys or accessories. No problems with sizes (some cheap Chinese no-name brands can have serious problems with size charts… you can buy for example something for 1 year old girl, but it will be big even for 3 years old girl, or teenage boys shoes are like prewalkers size).

Maybe you think that only celebrity’s kids can wear children designer clothes? NO, you are wrong! Even if you budget is not so big, you can always find some children designer wear on sale. Some times it can be up to 80% discount for some kid’s designer wear, so the price is not as high as you can imagine.

Forget about overcrowded shops, full of mothers with crying children. Now you can just relax and shop online for children designer wear. Our online shops especially created for parents like you: modern, stylish, energetic.

Most famous fashion brand names have children’s designer wear in their collections. For example: Armani, D&G, Gucci, DIOR, Burberry, Versace and many others. You can be sure that you’ll find something new, stylish and luxury every season. Children designer wear is the same comfortable and modern as branded clothing for adults. You can find brand wear for everyday use and brand wear for special occasion: christening, birthday, New Year parties, red carpet parties etc. it does not matter why you want to buy great children designer wear online, you can always find something special here.

How to buy designer kids clothes online

How to buy designer kids clothes?

Where to buy designer kids clothes online?

How to choose the right size when you are shopping for designer kids clothes online?

Well we’ll try to answer on all your questions in this article.

First of all do not think that online shopping it is something strange and unknown. To buy designer kids clothes online is the same as to buy it in your local shopping mall, BUT it is less time consuming, you can do it 24/7 and you can save a lot of money when you shop online.
All these especially works when you are shopping for kinds wear. Most kids have standard figure so the only thing you should know is the age of your child and exact measurements: like foot size, how tall your kid is.

Here you can find two approximate tables. One for kids clothing, second one for kids shoes. Sure, all these measurements are just for example, more details you can find when you choose this or that item on our website.

The height is the average height of the child standing without shoes.

how to measure a baby height
Approx Age Height (cm)
0 – 3 month 57 cm
3 – 6 month 63 cm
6 – 12 month 69 cm
12 month 81 cm
18 month 85 cm
2 years 91 cm
3 years 97 cm
4 years 103 cm
5 years 111 cm
6 years 115 cm
8 years 127 cm
10 years 141 cm
12 years 151 cm
14 years 163 cm


Kids shoes and prewalkers sizes.

Table is for different countries for better understanding:

Approx. Age European UK Size USA Size
3 – 6 month 17 – 18 1 – 2 2 – 3
6 – 9 month 19- 20 3 – 4 4 – 5









Approx Height

(in inches)

24 7 8 15 37″ 2 years
25 8 9 15.5 38½” 3 years
26 16 39¼” 3 years
27 9 10 16.5 41″ 4 years
28 10 11 17 43¼” 5 years
29 11 12 17.5 45¾” 6 years
30 12 13 18 48″ 7 years
31 12½ 13½ 18.5 50½” 8 years
32 13 1 19 51¼” 8 years
33 1 2 20 52¾” 9 years
34 2 3 20.5 55″ 10 years
35 21.5 57½” 11 years
36 3 4 22.5 59″ 12 years
37 4 5 23 60¾” 13 years
38 5 6 24 64½” 14 years
39 6 7 25 64½” 15 years

Next question, where to buy designer kids clothes if you decide to buy it online? We suggest you to use only reliable websites. Only using these websites you can be sure that you purchase 100% original designer kids clothing, NO fake or knockoffs!!
How to understand that the website is reliable? Check websites policies first. You should see something like money back guarantee or exchange guarantee. On our websites you can always return or exchange designer kids clothing if you do not like something or just change your mind to buy it (just check the time frame policies first, some sellers propose 2 weeks return/exchange guarantee for designer kids clothing, shoes and accessories, other can give you even 1 month to think about your purchase. Do not forget that any item that you want to return/exchange should not be used and all package should not be damaged.
How to pay for your designer kids clothes, shoes or accessories if you want to buy them online? It is very easy, you just need Debit or Credit card or Paypal account. It will take only 3-5 minutes to make the payment. All payment processes are 100% secured when you buy designer kids clothes, designer kids shoes or designer kids accessories from our partners website.

Brand baby clothes online

In the modern world children can face with style, fashion and luxury from their first days of life. Sure, in this period your baby can not understand exactly what is beautiful and what is not, but anyways it will form subconsciously your baby future tastes and preferences. And for sure every mommy would like to buy some brand clothing not only to herself but for her lovely baby too.
So, what is brand baby clothes and how to buy it?

Brand baby clothes it is luxury and stylish segment in the world’s baby fashion market. You can find the same brand names for brand baby clothes as for your own clothing. For example if you are found of Dolce&Gabbana brand name clothing you can find D&G baby line also. Or maybe you like Dior fashion brand? No problem, you can instantly find about 100 baby Dior items on our website: Dior baby clothing. Dior baby shoes. Dior baby toys, Dior baby accessories….
All that you need for your baby or just imagine are now available under the famous brand names.
If you decide to buy some brand baby clothes but you do not know how to start, we can suggest you to search online. Our online shop proposes more that 250 brand names, so you can for sure find something special and luxury for your baby.
Every mommy knows how it is difficult to find time for shopping when you have a newborn baby. Now you can not spend half a day walking from shop to shop looking for something special and some times you have free time only late at night, when you baby finally decide to sleep. Sure, all you local boutiques are closed in the night… but the good news is that online shops available 24/7 and all year round (we do not have weekend or holidays), you can search, choose and buy brand baby clothes online every time you need and from any place in the world. You only need 4 things to buy brand baby clothes online: computer (or any other electronic device that can search in the internet, like Smartphone, iPad and so on), internet, credit/debit card (or paypal account) and the desire to buy something new for your baby.
It is also very comfortable that after you make the purchase your brand baby clothes will be delivered to your home directly in the date and time when it is comfortable to you.
Also it is a great idea and chance to make a present for your friends and relatives who have a new born baby but who live far from you. You can make an order for some brand baby clothes, brand baby shoes, brand baby toys or brand baby accessries on the website and order delivery directly to your friends/relatives house.